Acidity and Teeth

Acidity and Teeth

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Acidic drinks erode teeth
Acidic drinks erode teeth

One of the most important ways to get teeth healthy is to remember to always create an alkaline or non-acidic environment in your mouth. Your teeth thrive in an alkaline environment. They are protected and remineralized when their surrounding saliva is alkaline. Acids, on the other hand, cause your enamel to erode, eventually creating holes or cavities. That means that you never let something acidic or acid causing, be the last thing in your mouth.

Acidic Drinks Erode Teeth

Some common acids that people might ingest are soft drinks, coffee, tea, acidic fruit juices, sweets and breads that turn into acids. You never want a soft drink, for example, to be the last thing in your mouth. Have you poured coke into a coffee stained mug? It dissolves the stain! It’s a corrosive acid. So, what can you do after eating acidic foods?

Leave Your Mouth Alkaline After Every Meal or Drink

Always make sure you finish every meal, snack and drink with something alkaline. You might begin with drinking some water, which usually has a neutral pH but, as I’ve found, can still have a slightly acidic pH. Then eat or drink something that will restore an alkaline environment in your mouth, such as an apple, milk, cheese, cucumbers, melon or a xylitol mint (I will discuss xylitol in my next post).

Not so long ago, children used to drink water and milk with their meals. This ensured that the environment in their mouths would end up alkaline. Now, I see more and more children drinking soft drinks and it’s eroding the enamel off of their poor little teeth.

My children were never allowed to taste soft drinks until they were at least 5 years old. At that point, they were disturbed by the fizz and did not like the taste. They are now both over 10 years old and they will not touch any soft drinks. They do drink orange juice though, which is very acidic, so

I always make sure they follow it with water, milk and some xylitol peppermints ( their favorites!).

Create an Alkaline Mouth Environment Before Brushing Teeth

I should also mention, before you brush your teeth, make sure your mouth is in an alkaline state! Imagine brushing your teeth while they are in a softened, vulnerable acidic environment. Your brush can easily cause damage to the enamel in such cases! I often rinse my mouth with a little water mixed with baking soda or xylitol before brushing, to ensure it is alkaline.


So, to recap, how to get teeth healthy: let the last thing in your mouth be something alkaline. Teeth are protected and remineralized in an alkaline environment and eroded away in an acidic environment. Let the last thing in your mouth be something alkaline like an apple, milk, cheese, cucumber or a xylitol mint. I have xylitol mints in the car, in the kids’ lunch boxes and in the house at all times. That way, the kids and I can always make sure we leave the environment in our mouths alkaline and minty fresh after every meal, snack or acidic drink.

Remember, how to get your teeth healthy: let the last thing in your mouth be something that will restore the alkaline environment!

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