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Loving Right Now Bracelets - Sweet Simple Health

Happy first Monday of January! This is going to be an amazing year.

With being a girl comes the usual search for jewelry to wear. Whether youre looking for high end jewelry or casual everyday, its sometimes hard to find something that you love. At least thats how it is for me. I usually search for a while to find something that I have pictured in my mind, and then I wear it constantly.

I first came across this brand this past summer and instantly liked what I saw. The charm bangles have a unique twist on charm bracelets and I love them. They come in silver and gold and are about $28 each. If you choose to choose some fancier ones (birthstones, higher quality finish, or gems) they go up a bit in price. I currently own five and I wear them a lot. Alex and Ani is made in America- awesome! You can wear bangles that have a charm that means a lot to you and you can support our country. Each bangle has a unique message that goes with it. You can either buy a bangle for what charm is attached, or search for a meaning you like and find that charm as well. The bangles are made to fit every size of wrist. Each bangle has the ability to get smaller or bigger and stay that way to fit each wrist. Some bangles even donate to a certain organization or charity depending on what charm you buy. They can tell your life story if you let them. Take a look at the website here and Im sure youll find one, or a few, that speak to you. Alex and Ani also sell earrings, necklaces, wine glass charms and clutches.

Below are the ones that I currently own.

Make Your Mark   Influence•Commitment•Action   You have the ability to leave a positive imprint on the lives of others. Inspire others with thoughtful actions. Discover your passions and act on them. Lead a life that you can be proud of. Make your mark to better the world and leave a legacy of love for generations to come.

Feather    Truth•Light•Virtue    An object representing light and air, a feather is the bearer of truth and justice. Ancient Egyptians believed a pure heart weighed as light as a feather. In Christianity, feathers represent virtues of charity, hope, and faith. Bestow the feather to seek wisdom and reach new heights.

Pineapple     Welcome•Warmth•Friendship    Expressing a sense of welcome, good cheer, and family affection, the pineapple signifies hospitality. New England sea captains traditionally placed a pineapple outside of their homes as a symbol of a safe return. Wear the Pineapple Bangle to embrace friendships, celebrate homecomings, and encourage good times.

Apple of Abundance    Insight•Wisdom•Teacher    A fruit that signifies intelligence, the apple is often associated with the ability to pass on knowledge to others. A teacher enlightens the soul and instills valuable information. Embrace the energy of the Apple of Abundance Charm for the guidance to accept the responsibility of sharing wisdom and passing it down from generation to generation.

Disney World Cinderella Castle  Bought in Disney World to remember the trip!

I hope you enjoyed todays post and maybe even start to grow your own Alex and Ani collection. Have a wonderful day friends!

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